Batu Secret Zoo

Maybe this the first time i post without otaku stuff, since i don’t want fight with Tiger or Lion because they could steal my Kanade from me XD.

Ok this time i take some picture from new Zoo in Batu or called by “Batu secret zoo”.

This place quiet good i think, more better than “Taman Safari”, ok now if you read this and want to go there i recommend you.

1. Don’t sick, really because this place very very BIG!!!.

2. If you want take picture bring your Tele lens, because some animal located quiet far from your 90% my pict used tele lens in here.

3. Bring camera with high ISO, flash didn’t help you much in here since animal always move and you can’t use slow speed and the worst thing many good animal in dark place in here,

4. Be sure you can use manual focus, because many animal in here in cage and this can interfere your auto focus.

The ticket is….expensive for me Rp.50.000 (++$5) for 1 person, but this because the ticket become one with Jatim park, so you can go to Jatim park free with this ticket.

and this is some picture from me.

“Fell cool in there huh?”

“My feather didn’t lost with goose feather pillows”



“So lonely~”

“I can walk with 2 legs”

“Let me free~”

“Ugly duckling become….Duck???”


“Hi~ baby”

“Give me that peanut”


Actually i still have more picture, but i will stop here because some of my friends can’t opened many picture ^^”.















2 Responses to “Batu Secret Zoo”

  1. LOL love “So Lonely” and “Give me that peanut” 😀 i should go there someday 😀

  2. niesa dian Says:

    i’ve ever visited it..very nice place,, i want to be vet for all animals there =)

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