G’s Festival! Comic 14


Yes finaly i got my G’s Festival! Comic 14….but what the hell with those notice…

The hell!!? the riped the NSFW thing in this book.

I heard in here they only marker in NSFW thing (It’s ok for me), but i shocked when i opened and saw some page are being torn.

man this is bad, good thing they didn’t touch the dakimakura kanade or i will rage at all






10 Responses to “G’s Festival! Comic 14”

  1. gohpenghng Says:

    i want tenshi dakimakura T.T

  2. ckckckckckck immortal! XD gw pengen sih LOL

  3. curse the home ministry….

  4. Thanks God your angel is safe (Kanade) ;w;

    dammit at least give some discount thanks to that. It’s really the risk of importing to Indonesia….

  5. they cut the page? where did u buy it?

  6. Kona!!!!! TAT

    dakimakura nya masih belum sampe indo!!! TAT

  7. im form germany and they didnt do anything outrageous lke that here of course; if you want and tell me which pages exactly did cut out, i can make pictures of them for you.

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