Monthly loots in Kinokuniya 2

Ueee~~ this month only got a little loots, because some of my books and magazine still in shipping…

as usual, g’s magazine give 3 bonus for november issue.

Yuripe bath poster.

Biri2 bath poster.

and Love Plus + pencil board.

since i didn’t like love + i just give it to someone lol.

Inside More To aru Index for PSP.

Next game from Leaf.

Interesting game Galgun, But why in X360! WHY!.

And Umineko for PS3.













7 Responses to “Monthly loots in Kinokuniya 2”

  1. Eeee… I wan the love plus + 。。。

  2. i want love plus bonus too XD

  3. sorry all, to late someone already take it lol

  4. I just got the Dengeki G’s today and when i got the poster i was O////O hide this is my bag

  5. In*

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