After go home from kinokuniya, i check Danny blog and got something interesting…

Comipo is the software enables you to create your own manga using the 3D modeler included that will render your characters in manga style.

Now you the one who want draw manga but can’t draw like me (yes i’m fail you can look at my Devianart). can make it.

There is a trial version available which will work until the 30th of November. Then final product will then be out in December and cost 6,700 yen for the download version and 9,700 yen for the package version.
Tis currently Windows only.

Maybe i will buy it because i want draw too lolz.

The Video to give you an idea of how the software works.

The Official Web [LINK]

source [LINK]





3 Responses to “Comipo”

  1. sugoii…
    tapi ocnya cuma bisa pake yg dah ada di template?
    beberapa material di video dari manga studio,
    emang masih satu produksi ya ma manga studio.


  2. setuju, beli trus bagi2 anak AOI! hidup sharing! *bukan ngebajak lho >:)*

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