Monthly loots in Kinokuniya 2

[pict taken by cioudrunnerfiute]

Next target in Kino is G’s Magazine October and Kazuhiro Takamura Animation Work…

Finaly they give WS pr card.

Kud and Yuripe WS pr card.

They also give love plus and angel beat sticker, i put them in my pass card, not so bad.



More Aiyoku no Eustia.

koi to senkyo to chocolate since next page is dangerous i didn’t display it ^^”.

K-on for PSP, more cosplay and yesthey gift Azusa in gothiclolita.

They already relese you can buy in Amiami.

Witch On The Holy Night by TYPE-MOON.

And next coming Anime Ore no imouto wa konnani kawaii ja nai

Must Watch for me lol.

Since i really love Strike witches, i brought this one Kazuhiro Takamura Animation Works.

Inside is some artwork from him, like Strike witches, Gundam 00, Guren Lagan, ect.

But the main reason i broght is THIS!.

Yoshika-chan kawai ne~.

Sanya to.

All main chara in Strike Witches in there.

The Anime already end this weeks, i’m really sad hope 501st will appear again in Season 3


3 Responses to “Monthly loots in Kinokuniya 2”

  1. what is that card exactly??

    it has an Angel and Demon!! ^^”

    i wanna buy it too (TAT)

  2. aaah…..K-ON PSP is out already? OAO

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