After Holiday

(This’s a parody of Indonesia goverment campaign about “Apa kata dunia?” = “What the world gonna say?” )

[Photo took by JF]

Omg day to day become more worst…The day after hari raya lebaran holiday i got e-mail for my teacher to give the assignment of logo and prepare to get a test tomorrow, The problem is i saw the mail when i want to sleep and stupid thing i draw another thing so i do quick drawing for 15 minute and the result was really bad.

The most worst thing i do the test for 3 times, YES, GOD THANK YOU!. that because stupid computer when i finish the work and save it then the error message appere without give me the save file.

Sigh.. since i’m really bored in here i just draw some my friend character and Miyafuji.

My friend OC her name is Mei Hikari and she wearing haruhi uniform ^^”.

Since my G’s Magazine come so late and so my BRS nendoroid and Amae koromo from alter, i will post it next week.

What i get now is Rin Meltdown from Maxfactory after stole it from my neighborhood.


2 Responses to “After Holiday”

  1. hahaha
    apa kata dunia? dari malaysia ya?

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