KLCC (again)

Holy shi* nothing to do today, so let’s go to KLCC (again).Very bored in here waiting for my Nendo BRS and 1/8 Amae Koromo come. so i just go to Kinokuniya (again) to buy this artbook.

PIXIV girl collection 2010.


Good artbook for new inspiration.

And end with ate in Chilis, that must wating for about 3 hours for it.

The popular American casual dining place, with a well-stocked bar (which makes great margaritas) and the sports channel on when live matches are played.

For opening Kickin’ Jack Nachos.

main dish “Medium rare, Fire-Grilled Beef”

And beer Apple juice.

Don’t mind with stupid person in there, this pictures taken by my arsisten friend.

Well the foods very worth for RM26 ($9,75) for Kickin’ Jack Nachos, Rm50 ($18.75) for main dish “Medium rare, Fire-Grilled Beef”, and Rm8 ($3) for juice.


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