Another day in kinokuniya

Thanks for Late Otacool 3 i must go to Kinokuniya to brought it -_-“.

Now i got Otacool 3 with me although realy late for that.

This time Otacool 3 theme is worldwide Workspaces, you can see the desk, name, age, job title, website and comp spec of 164 people from 33 countries in this 128 pages.

The last 5 pages are about Danny and the evolution of his desk.

This is the list of the people :

United States
2 page – Shaun
1/4 page – Alma Gomez, Asian Ed, Benjamin Chu, Caffeine, Daniel Hensley, Daniel Wong, David, Diana, Diana Kiester, Duong Nguyen, Elizabeth, Frances Delgado, Frank Kozik, Gina, Greg Rivera, Jeff, Jerome Colina, Jimmie Maggard, Jon Riddle, Jon Smith, Justin Mitchell and Patrice Muscello, Keith Tsubasa Noro, Kyle Chen, Lee, Marcus Albrecht, Matt and Julie Tomczek, Mikhail Bortnik, Nicholas Kyoichi, Patrick Schulz, Rorschach, Shadowgram, Thomas aka Wolfheinrich, Tommy Eastwood, Tyler

2 page – Chun
1/4 page – Andy, Arial Ng, Derek Yu, Fred Fa, Imran Ismail, Jason Chiu, Julie, Kam Lau, Rin, Robert, Robostrike Lui, Sayoko, Tim Veizer, Tyler,

2 page – Felipe aka Sano
1/4 page – Aris and Iuri Fiedoruk, Jordi Fores

2 page – Patrick
1/4 page – Aya Kyunik, Cat Meacham, David Vilensky, Gary, i heart assassin maids, JON HOH, Lexi, Simon Huynh, Steve McKenzie, Teoh Lim, Timothy Koh

New Zealand
2 page – Sara Fearon

2 page – Xiaohai Wang

Hong Kong
2 page – Yui
1/4 page – Asuka Suminoe, Erica Leung

2 page – William Tai

2 page – Shawn Chin
1/4 page – Alvin Chua, Calvin Shing, Ethan Ng, Fabrice Requin. Farid Aluwi, Gordon Ho, Jim Khor, Kenneth Lim, Storm Lion, Wong Han Siang

2 page – WiseFreeman
1/4 page Aw Yong Carl, Elizuan Rafys Ramli, Faizal, Jason Lim, Jean Sibert, Jonathan Ting, yunamon, Leonhart Yong, Lim Thian Soon, linkinstreet, Mohd Farhan Nor, Steven Sim, Zam

2 page – Moch.Irwin Savero
1/4 page – Ardhi Furkan

2 page – jojosochi
1/4 page – Alan Teo

2 page – Taimoor Hafeez

United Kingdom
2 page – Abb-d Choudhury
1/4 page – Adam Lobo, AMGitsKriss, Chris (Graphic Designer), Chris (IT tech), Daniel Allan, Hamilton Morrin, Joshua Ng, Matt B, Meimi132, Paul Colyer, Richard Simms, Robert Tolton, Sarah Doyle, SC Lee, Toby Sperring, Vu Quach,

2 page – Miro
1/4 page – Joyce, Michael

2 page – Vittorio Giorgi
1/4 page – Jaymie Aclan

2 page- Sam
1/4 page – Drcow, Marijn Rongen, Mark van der Meer

2 page- Sacra Jimeno Gil
1/4 page – Dani Sanchez, Irene Sanchez

2 page – Karolina K
1/4 page – Beata B, Maciej K, Marcin, Przemek L

2 page – Angelo Kalderen

2 page – Darius Panaite

2 page – Nerijus

2 page – HCE

2 page – Stine Wikkelsoe Hovvang
1/4 page – Alex Voigt Hansen

1/4 page – Paul Soberanis

El Salvador
1/4 page – Alfredo Garcia

1/2 page – Manuel and Leonardo Silva
1/4 page Bruno Molteni

1/4 page – Marcos

1/4 page – Haku1923, Namo, Micky

1/4 page – Junn Tan, Bryan Uy, Jovee

Czech Republic
1/4 page – Honza Zdenek

1/4 page – Sebo

Thanks for ggem who made this list, i really tried to make them.

Some picture from Otaccol 3.

DeadBall P’s Workspace.

Singer_Yuna workspace, one of comrade from Tsukiboard ^^”.

My own Workspace with my handsome stupid face in there, but i change it a little bit now you can see my room now in here [LINK].

Anyway Otacool 4 “OTACOOL×pixiv Contest. Come and join us, illustrators throughout the world!” is already begin you can see more detail in here [LINK].

You can Order Otacool 3 now in Amiami.

Although my first the main purpose is brought Otaccol 3, i can’t resist to buy NyanTYPE Vol.10.

As always they come with lot of Pinups, i really like this k-on one.

Some review for next season anime.

But the main purpose i brought this magazine because they come with Sanya pillow.

The back.

Now my wallet already RIP for today.

(wow now i realize it, my hair is RED!  )


2 Responses to “Another day in kinokuniya”

  1. Thank you for the mention Kona…the picture of my page is epic…AZUNYAN! don’t look at my page like you want to be in my collection! nonono I can’t afford you and my heart is only for Ritsu! *sighs* if only she was included in the Sakura festival sets I’m preordering (although she never joined before that event).

    I’m very happy for the choices of this otacool, I’ve got a spanish friend also in there and Optimistic penguin and you are already double paged too!!
    Lucky us! let’s get one of the freebies for the front cover choices! hope Danny will give the results of the otacool 3 giveaway soon ^^

    • no no no no Azunyan is mine, DON’T LEAVE ME AZUNYAN~~~!!!!

      yeah to bad azunyan didn’t included in sakura festival, i want her in Gothic lolita T T.

      lolz even i don’t belive i get in cover and get 2 pages in there, i think i was dreaming then i slap my self (don’t try this very hurt), and yeah i realy hope we can get the giveaway 😀

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