Simple RPG Game

Don’t mind for this one, this only for my assignment -_-“. This is some simple RPG game that i played in the class.

Well this is really easy game and the story very funny, what should we do is only take the route to end the game with dialog or item.

The prolog is:

The beginning is the lord order us to kill Queen of everything.

then meet the guard gate, we can choise to kill him or just take sweet talk to let in pass.

just kill him and kill the queen to end this game.

All hail the evil….

just kidding, we got offered  from the queen to betray the lord to get a freedom, well we still kill her tought but…just let’s going woth the queen.

What we need is the stupid person Hero.

ok so we got the stupid person hero, and what we need next is the sword but where is it ?, let’s talk to High Wizard.

Ok so this is the Oldlady High Wizard we search… but it seem the sword has been stoled.

ok so next part is..oh i forget the name it’s like a shop where we can buy some item in there.

but hey, ther is the sword we talking about.

We can do anything to get the sword like, taking someone money, or tell the queen to take it by force (yes i know it evil).

Ok now we take rest….but hey what the programmer doing in here, just talk with him but don’t talk to long or you can’t get out from there.

Now this is the  Climax kill the lord stupid person our hero .

Well we can kill him by ourself, killing the queen or the hero, or don’t kill everybody what our choise is same “THE END”.

But let’s kill them all =).

Yes you are the new Lord lolz.

This game can be bored because we must do again and again to take another rute.

The diagram is like this.

Well for extra, i like this game because it similar like the games that i often played let’s take one of them is “Little Buster!”.

The game is same like above talking with another character, choise what dialog we will talking to different route.

They usualy came with mini game so we don’t get bored so fast.

Not only one ^^”.

And they for the Climax or certain  event the change the art to full size, to get more interesting.


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