3 Cheap Figure But Make You Dead By Nose Bleed

In the Night Morning after finishing my work i look amiami then i don’t belive i found this 3 figure

First one is 1/7 Scale Super Sweets Scramble Konomi Yuzuhara from ToHeart 2.

Manufacturer  by Plum, relese in late Nov-2010

very cute Konomi riding the spoon(?) i like the detail of her and the face very MOE.

What kind of Pantsu did her wear :D.

The Price is ¥6.800 but in amiami become ¥5.550 ^^”.

You can Order it at Amiami.

Second one is Evangelion 2.0 Asuka Langley Shikinami Apron Ver. Complete Figure.

Manufacturer by WAVE, release in late Jan-2011.

This is from Eva 2.0 when she cook well that’s one of best movie that i ever seen ^^”.

The cute apron is cast-off.

Her back.

What a cute face she blush =).

Her Price is  ¥4.500 in amiami is ¥3.650.

You can order at Amiami.

And the last one is A Certain Magical Index Shirai Kuroko.

Our super erotic loli from To aru Railgun lolz, she came with her swimsuit from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun – 13′ (Special).

Manufacturer by WAVE, release in late Jan-2011.

She even come with “One-sama~~” face lolz.

This Kuroko price is ¥3.800 in amiami ¥3.100 very cheap huh ?.

You can order from Amiami.


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