Dead Master Nendoroid

Finally from Mikatan blog, The Nenderoid Dead Master will come.

After Black Rock Shooter Nenderoid, her couple in yuri enemy will coming this Desember.

She will coming with four different faces: smiling, grinning, licking, and CHANxCO ^^”.

I like her licking face, so cool.

She also come with her Deadscythe.

Her 2 dog skulls ^^”.

Her back, nice wings.

And most of her face this is the epic one CHANxCO face, so cute >.<.

She looks nice with Black Rock Shooter CHANxCO face siting next to each other lolz.

The preorder will open on Thursday 26, The Price is ¥3500.

You can pre-order her already in Amiami

You can pre-order the Black Rock Shooter nenderoid already in amiami she will release late Aug-2010.

(Copyright Pictures from Mikatan Blog [LINK])


One Response to “Dead Master Nendoroid”

  1. aww, these are adorable. :3

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