After 8 months i realise  this room is too small for work, then i decide to move some table and other thing.

First one is the main table.

not change so much, just move some figure and books.

somehow the left side was invade by Miku squad.

Shana move to right speaker, and Rin move too with the cat, i put my “Digital Camera Girl Famous Views” because the cover look nice .

Azusa got new friends.

Rin look so cute with the cat in her head.

I also change my OS to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

I really like simple but cool desktop so i used rocket dock with Little Buster! icon , Nanami theme and change the wallpaper to Miku.

Next one is second desk for making itasha or drawing sketch.

Oh btw someone ask me “What spec do you using now” this is the list :

– PC case Armor +,

– MB X48-T3RS,

– Intel Core 2 Quad,

– VGA ATI Radeon HD4890 Limited,

– RAM ReaperX DDR3 2x 2GB,

– RAM Patriot DDR3 Bladed 2x 2GB,


– Cooler Master V8,

– Tagan BZ 900W,

– HDD 2X 120GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2X 1,5TB,

– Samsung SyncMaster P2370 24″,

– Mouse Razer Mamba,

– Speaker Altech Lansing (Forgot the series),

– Keyboard Logitech G15 .

Not so much change to the nenderoid still in the house.

All Artbook, Magazine, Manga move here so i can take it if i need them immediately.

Same like before miku invade my BRS mug.

My Weiss Schwarz collection and my PSP that i rarely use it move to here.


4 Responses to “Change!”

  1. seems like a nice room. I want to clean and set up my room but….Too lazy ._.

  2. poseidon21 Says:

    give me the LB icon

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