Monthly loots in Kinokuniya

Finally i got new G’s Magazine issue for September (and the other books).This time G’s magazine comes with Angel beats card and gift card for ~Foxy shot 1st.

Nice card from Angel beats.

New game from SEGA ~Foxy shot 1st~ for mobile, you must take the  bar code for use it but unfortunately they only work with japan mobile so i can’t use it =(.

Next is upcoming “Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai protable” for PSP

What i can read see they will using Live 2D for this game.

More Heroine Route for Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate.

The demo movie already out in C78, which i know it from my friend blog ^^” Keseki no Sekai .

And more K-On! Houkago Live!! preview for PSP  which will  out in late Sep.

You can pre-order it at Amiami .

Next Item is “Digital Camera Girl Famous Views” that feast of 40 models of Digital camera.

They show the spec, price, ect.

Pocket digital camera Canon IXY Digital 930IS. ¥19.800.

Docomo STYLE series SH-02B. ¥ -.

Mamiya ZD. ¥1.417.500.

the expensive one is ¥.4.200.000 from Hasselblad, buy the book if you want to see it ^^”.

You can buy it at Amiami.

The newest  月のイナバと地上の因幡 (Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth) which the cover make me so hungry.

They coming with Super little cute figure of  Tewi.

looks nice with Azusa lolz.

Next one is Iillustration techniques at pixiv.

They come with CD which contain tutorials and many software to drawing like SAI.

How to make BRS by Huke.

Then the last one is….”i’dont know the name but it’s like SAI tutorials”

The contain it’s like pixiv above but some is not there like

making glass effect.

or magic circle effect.

All of that killing my wallet so fast but very worth to me ^^”.


One Response to “Monthly loots in Kinokuniya”

  1. poseidon21 Says:

    nica AB cards….though not gonna bother to buy it,since it’s not LB!…>.< too bad i missed the LB! ones T.T

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