First Concept for Snowveil Icon

IF you see my banner and you think (Oh that cute messy little girl is snowveil icon), it’s wrong that just random artwork from me.

I just confuse with my icon but i already made the concept.

Yes that was MechaMusume i just like it, i made it by simple but  cute cool.

Her weapon is dual sword, the big one in the left hand (backforward) and the little one in the right hand (forward), very focus in high-speed. i not finish yet with this so keep it watch=).


5 Responses to “First Concept for Snowveil Icon”

  1. poseidon21 Says:

    doubt that a dual sword..would rather say it’s a sword-and dagger than a dual sword….anyway…pretty cute (the girl)

  2. Nice one… I like the wings concept that you’ve made, is that wings are made of light?

  3. poseidon21 Says:

    make her more pettan….^o^b

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