Photo Setups For Room

This is some tutorial  for photo shoot at room =)

First what we need is Light box, you can make it by your self like this one.

but if you feel like (This is troublesome, need much money, ect) you can use this settings.

What do you need most is tripod, Lighting (You can use Flash or desk lamps), some board , and of course a camera.

sometime you need dark room so you room lamps didn’t disturbs your lighting setup.

And what do you need to do now is playing with lighting and angel, don’t put so much lighting in your object that make it overexposed that why we need tripod so you don’t have trouble with slow speed.

The result from Black rook shooter picture in above.

Try put your lighting from any direction to get some variations.

The result is.

try to use more than 2 lights like this.

so you will get picture like this.

You can also use whatever do you found in the home like.



or you can change your lighting into yellow to get more variations.

You don’t need buy so many different lamp, you can just use mica paper and put it front of your lamp like this.

and you get red lamp :D.

You can try use different camera lens if you have it and don’t be afraid to use extreme angel, pose, very little lighting sometime you will get more good pictures with it.

This is the examples :

Hope this will help you to get more good picture in the room =), And thanks to my friend Keychain who let me used his pictures for this tutorial.

(Copyright Azusa Picture by Snowveil)

(Copyright Lighting box by Bakamandy)

(Copyright Other Picture by Keychain)


5 Responses to “Photo Setups For Room”

  1. wow… thanks for the article 😀 really help me a lot. I already buy the book you recommend, the Digital Camera edition 13 and it’s really good book. now i’m building my own light box. i’ll tell you if it’s already done. thanks a bunch pal 😀

  2. GohPengHng Says:

    Wow!Very useful tips!thanks^^

  3. cool info you got there. i’m looking for other way to contact you, but i can’t find. if you’re into anime and others forum. please visit and/or i’m a member of both.

    like your blog. 🙂

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