Social Network Friendster,Myspace, and Facebook

Facebook, Friendster and Myspace. they are famous social network that many people used it.

But What is the different between them. let’s check them out


This is my first social network that i have used when i know internet.

The layout of the HOME is very good, they give us our friends update and event.

Easy to upload photo,video, ect. We can change  our profile layout very easy with CSS , and we can give picture or .gif  in our biodata.

But the bad thing is they lack on spam, our messages box, comment box can be full of spam and they didn’t erase the pornography thing in there so many people move to another social network.


I didn’t know much about this one, but when i try to used it, it not bad at all.

The HOME is simple, we can share anything like photo, video,ect. They give us update News in Myspace, and give us something like a blog.

We can change our profile background in there and we can make it by our self, we just upload the photo that our want to become the background.

They give so many biodata that we can fill in there, like Zodiac Sign and many.

Although they looks good but it to messy, so many commercial and many thing that disturb our profile and home.


Who don’t know Facebook now, many people used this social network now, even they used it in mobile phone now.

The HOME was very good, give us update for anything, reminders, it very easy to search our friends that not our add yet.

They also give plungin like YahooMail in the botom so we can talk in there, and we can see our friends who online right now.

The Profile is very good too, we can left message in there, we can add so many plugin in there, they also sprate the comercial in the right so our profile very clean from spam.

we can play some game in there too like mafia war,vampire war, ect.

For now i didn’t see any bad thing in FaceBook, we can share many thing so easy like photo,video,ect. And we can make a group so this is the best choise for social network for now.

Hope you all can choise, whatnever social network that best for you, and i hope my teacher give me A for this ^^”.


2 Responses to “Social Network Friendster,Myspace, and Facebook”

  1. I just started blogging a while ago and it feels great.

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